Performing well in a game of poker has very little to do with how lucky you are that particular day. Yes, sometimes everything is going to go your way and despite the mistakes you will make, you can still end up with a profit. Other times, even though you may be doing everything just right, you can end up losing.

There is a small luck factor involved in the game of poker, but that is only true if you look at individual sessions, not if you look at the big picture. Nobody can be lucky or unlucky all the time. How your bankroll evolves in the long run has nothing to do with luck or fate. Real poker players make their own luck and work hard to achieve the success they desire. Winning today because you got lucky is almost guaranteed to mean that you will lose everything in the upcoming sessions.

That being said, a good strategy, learning all the ins and outs of the game, and working on the personality traits and the skills you need for becoming a good poker player is way more important than luck. The professional poker players we all love have thousands of hours of learning, reading, developing strategies, and counting losses behind their current success. The game of poker is not one that can be learned overnight and definitely not one that everyone can master.

How important is the zodiac sign of a poker player?

The innate personality traits and the skills we are born with play a huge role in how we perform as poker players. And even though many people tend to dismiss this as a factor, my personal belief is that the zodiac sign we are born under does have quite a big influence on us.

How astrologists managed to come up with the zodiac almost 4000 years ago is still a mystery to this day. Dating from the fascinating times of the Babylonians, the zodiac contains 12 signs that govern roughly one month of the year each. The people born under these signs tend to share a couple of similarities in terms of skills and personality traits and the claim astrology makes is that these similarities are influenced by the positions of planets during each cycle.

In poker, players tend to not pay too much attention to zodiac signs. Poker players, or at least the really good ones, do most of their thinking in numbers and percentages and don’t really believe in anything that isn’t undeniably backed by mathematics or science. But, despite that, there is no denying the fact that people born under the same zodiac signs have a couple of interesting things in common.

While there are obviously exceptions in each category, the vast majority of Cancers are likely the most creative and sensitive people you will meet. Leos are undeniably good in sports, with more than 15% of the top athletes sharing this zodiac sign, thanks to their proud nature, their determination, and their innate desire to dominate. Virgos are meticulous and unimaginative, basing all their knowledge on facts. Pisces are self-destructive and moody. People born under the Taurus zodiac sign are stubborn, attracted to luxury and beauty, but also extremely sensitive and ambitious.

When it comes to poker, all these innate personality traits are the foundation on which the rest of our education, upbringing, and influence from our parents and entourage builds up our final personality. Who we are and how we perform at different tasks starts with the intellectual and emotional package we are born with, and even though the vast majority comes through our DNA from our parents or other ancestors down the line, the stars also have a say in it.


What zodiac sign performs the best in poker games?

There are several zodiac signs that perform well in the game of poker. Leos are extremely competitive and determined to destroy everyone at the table. This means that they will always be prepared, they won’t miss a single opportunity to make a profit, and in general, they make quite scary poker players. They are hard to intimidate and too proud to accept defeat, so they are quite difficult to bluff as well. Their aggression usually pays off.

Cancer poker players are also quite talented. They are extremely creative and they have a level of emotional intelligence that cannot be matched by any other zodiac sign. This makes them particularly dangerous in live poker games because they are extremely observant and notice even the slightest changes in a player’s behavior. They are a bit too easy to read though and tend to have a couple of pretty obvious tells themselves.

The one zodiac sign that is the scariest and most efficient in the game of poker is Gemini. Their intelligence, their dedication to the goal, their duality, and the fact that they will work harder than everyone in the room if they are motivated enough makes them the scariest sharks you will meet at poker tables. You never know what to expect from a Gemini, and to be a little more precise, you can’t even know WHO to expect from a Gemini.

They always have a different side of them hidden behind a mask and those who manage to control and take advantage of this duality are simply going to destroy their opponents at the poker table. They are extremely well grounded in reality, they have a tendency to understand and use numbers effectively and rarely make mistakes.


Final thoughts on the zodiac sign you should run away from in poker games

While the Geminis are generally the zodiac sign you should be most afraid of at poker tables, that doesn’t mean they cannot be defeated. If you manage to understand both sides of them and you learn how to take advantage of their biggest weakness (their patience), you can easily develop a winning strategy against them. But it takes time, hard work, and a very good playing experience.

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