If anything, it is unanimously accepted “the house always wins” in games of chance. With the continuous expansion of the online gaming industry, game providers are competing to offer operators increasingly more complex games and innovative features. In turn, the operators themselves dish out enticing bonuses to attract thrill seekers. So, even if the technological leaps of recent times have opened the door to countless new games, bigger Jackpots, and an exhaustive collection of online casino bonuses, they didn’t necessarily get rid of the risks associated with the practice. While it is true that with the current regulations in place, online casinos have been forced to abide by certain restrictions that makes the whole digital gambling environment a lot fairer than in the early days, the odds of winning over time got better, but by no means assured.

One can say the regulatory bodies have already put in half of the work of protecting online gambling enthusiasts by mandating strict measures for casino operators to handle problem gambling. The remaining responsibility fell in the hands of the operators themselves that have come up with a range of safety measures, at the industry regulators’ insistence. These took the form of various options that allow bettors to restrict themselves from playing for certain periods of time. But what can the players do to help themselves to a steadier influx of wins and fewer cold stretches or gaming sessions that end in frustration?

Que the “I have a system” amateurs that promise all sorts of tips & tricks or workarounds to sure-fire wins. If one thing should be clear right off the bat it’s that games of chance are exactly what the name tells us they are: purely luck-based entertainment. However, there are some games you could find in an online casino in which the players’ skill level could tip the scales of fortune in their favor. Poker and blackjack are considered skill-based games and are generally offered under the “Live Casino” tab on the operator’s website.

In general, slot machines make for the bulk of an online casino. Even though the titles have evolved, dramatically upping the Return To Player (RTP) percentages, the house wins in the long run. To better clarify, increasing the RTP means decreasing the inherent house advantage.

Minimizing Risk

Set your limits ahead of time, so you won’t be forced to later down the road! Even before powering up your PC or mobile device, you should have a clear picture of what you’re prepared to spend on your entertainment. Set a budget you’re comfortable with forfeiting. Maybe even within a given timeframe. You’re the master of your own fate and the self-limitations you’re prepared to stick to in your downtime. Planning ahead keeps things fun.

Pick a well-established online casino, first and foremost. Make sure it’s licensed by one of the internationally-recognized online gambling regulatory bodies, so you benefit from full legal backing in case disputes arise. Take your time doing some research, especially consulting with casino review websites.

The next step in better preparing yourself for a successful run at the reels would be to familiarize yourself with the game/s you’re going to play. Each title comes with its own game sheet, where all details are stated clearly (number of paylines, symbol value, bonus features). Consult with the numbers and choose the games that payout the most – RTP is your friend.

Maximizing Profits

Not losing sight of the reasons you sit down to play your favorite online casino adventures while in the heat of the moment is what turned novices into high rollers. In other words, be as cool as a cucumber, no matter what happens. And since we’re on the subject, go for cucumber water and steer clear of any intoxicating substances.

If you followed the suggestions presented before, you already know the game, you’re benefiting from the full support of a trusted and fully-licensed casino as well as the law, and you should expect a higher Return To Player than the other titles in the casino hall. Opportunity may strike at any moment, wait for your shot and don’t go chasing wins to cover up losses!

Nothing guarantees a certain spin will be lucky due to a certain pattern that may seem to emerge. All slots are based on a Random Number Generator (RNG) that prevents exactly that. The machine has no storage function either, all slots do is continuously compute random numbers and translate the outcome into wins or losses. Then it starts from the beginning. The only thing that influences the outcome is the time at which you pressed “Spin” or pulled the lever.

A split second might decide whether the number the RNG dishes out would be converted into a winning or losing combination. Ultimately, nobody knows what fate holds in store at any given hour, minute or split second.

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