Being a good poker player means a lot of different things. There are many skills that need to be factored in when describing a good poker player. Generally, most people think of poker as being a game of chance, but that perspective has changed a lot in the past couple of decades. Ever since people noticed that somehow there were always the same players at the final tables of poker tournaments, they started realizing that nobody can be that lucky and that something else must be going on.

Our fascination for winning at gambling games in general is old news. Historically, we always tried to figure out ways to get rich quickly, beat the system, or to cheat our way towards a massive payout. While cheating or influencing the outcome of a hand in any way other than through skill is close to impossible in poker, people started looking at it in a different way. Strategies were invented, tactics were developed, and a better understanding of opponents has become a necessity.

While you can tell a lot about a player just by looking at him if you are experienced and emotionally intelligent enough, another crucial piece of information people have started looking at are zodiac signs.

Is an Aries good at gambling games and poker?

It might sound silly at first, especially if you are not a big believer in astrology, but the zodiac sign can tell surprisingly much about a person’s personality and poker playing style. The first zodiac sign we are going to look at more in-depth is Aries.

Aries is the zodiac sign that governs people born between March 21st and April 20th and is ruled by the planet Mars. Its element is fire, and it is a cardinal zodiac sign. People under this sign are generally described as passionate, adventurous, courageous, and energetic if we were to look at the positives. The negative traits of their personalities are generally the fact that they can be selfish, stubborn, rebellious,  and hot-tempered. If you’re curious, some famous Aries are: Quentin Tarantino, Emma Watson, James Franco, and Lady Gaga.

As gamblers, they are generally on a continuous roller coaster. Their temper and impulsiveness makes them quite likely to make snap decisions that can sometimes turn out to be great calls and other times just plain wrong.

They are usually inclined to play games where they have the power to somehow influence the outcome of the session. They tend to choose poker, sports betting, or casino table games instead of pokies. That’s because they want to feel in control and want to be able to take pride in the decisions that led them to the win. Choosing the winning team in a bet or the winning number in a Roulette spin will make them feel a lot better than winning on a spin on a slot machine where all they had to do was to select the bet size and push a button or pull a lever.

How does an Aries perform at the poker table?

As poker players, people under the Aries zodiac sign tend to have a natural ability for the game. Some of their specific personality traits make them particularly dangerous at the poker table, like their courage, their energy, and their selfishness.

On the other hand, Aries tend to have a very hard time hiding their emotions. They have no natural ability to maintain a poker face, and unless they train this skill intensively, they tend to not be able to hide anything from their opponents. Their faces generally express their feelings with amazing precision, which is generally quite bad in a live poker game.

Playing online poker may be a better choice for them. Being hot-tempered doesn’t play too well in live poker games, and neither does their disregard for rules and their rebellious side. At least while playing online poker, nobody is going to see the amazing frustration on their faces and their extreme reactions after each losing hand.

Their stubbornness is a double-edged sword. On one hand, they can have a hard time letting go, stubbornly playing hands until showdown when they have no chance of winning. On the other hand, their stubbornness can mean that they are incredibly persistent. And as we all know by now, persistence is a huge deal for a poker player who is hoping to achieve a lot.

When it comes to patience, they are not exactly an example to follow. Their temper doesn’t really allow them to hold still and wait for the right moment to strike. They tend to open with a wide range of hands, which makes them quite easy to exploit if they are facing an opponent with experience. On the other hand, this constant aggression they tend to display at the poker table usually works out great for them, especially if they are seated at a table with not too many sharks.

Final thoughts on Aries poker players

All in all, Aries poker players are pretty aggressive, hot-tempered, and extremely adventurous. They can be extremely successful in poker if they make a couple of adjustments to their temper and how they act. After all, there is a reason why 8 billionaires of the 100 richest people in the world are born under this sign. They do have a good sense of making money and they will use all their abilities to achieve their goals at the poker tables.

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