The game of poker is not one for the faint of heart. You need to be brave, able to handle immense pressure hand after hand, and never shy away from taking huge risks. Leaps of faith are necessary more often than some of us might like, but for some, that is the beauty of the game.

Our fascination for No-Limit Texas Hold’em is not that difficult to understand. You can win or lose everything in a single hand, you get to bluff your opponents into thinking you have them beat when the reality is that you hold a whole bunch of nothing, and you can end up winning millions. Is there a better recipe for excitement out there? I hardly doubt it.

All the strategies, schemes, and tactics have been thought of and designed by people who fell in love with the game and dedicated their lives (and quite a lot of money) to becoming masters at this game. Very few managed to succeed, but those who did, made it on the covers of magazines, are enjoying a lifestyle that would make Dan Bilzerian blush, and hold the key to a very exciting existence in general.

Our desire to start mastering the game led us to start analyzing and reverse-engineering every single top player out there to see what they are made of. What do they have and most people don’t?


Does an Aquarius have a special talent for casino games?

Well, each gambler out there is unique, let me get that straight right off the bat. Each player has a unique set of skills and abilities that makes him better than others. While the DNA and the environmental factors do play a role in how a person’s personality ends up looking like, there is one other factor that is worth considering: the zodiac sign.

Many consider the zodiac to be part of a ridiculous pseudoscience and gets a pretty bad rep these days. While I agree that astrology cannot be considered a science, we cannot deny the fact that it’s been studied for more than 4000 years, making it a discipline that is older than most of the things kids are studying in schools today. And on top of this, despite the fact that none of its claims are actually backed by real science, there are quite a lot of things it gets right. People who share a zodiac sign generally share quite a few other similarities and personality traits, and it cannot be a coincidence.

An Aquarius for example is a person born between January 20th and the 18th of February. It is governed by Uranus and is inclined to seek knowledge more than anything else in life. They are inventive, clever, progressive, independent, and original, but also unemotional, rebellious, uncompromising, and temperamental. They are also known as the dreamers of the zodiac, which makes them quite difficult to understand and befriend.

As gamblers, they are mostly inclined to use their knowledge rather than basing their fate on pure luck. That being said, you are quite unlikely to find an Aquarius playing slots or other casino games and you will probably see them placing sports bets based on their personal analysis of teams and past results. They tend to prefer playing poker rather than facing off the dealer in a Blackjack game and when it comes to Roulette or other casino table games, they would rather play nothing at all than choose those. They love being mentally stimulated, learning new things, and coming up with new solutions to old problems. They are constantly analyzing and exploring topics, rethinking old concepts, and inventing new ones.

Is an Aquarius going to shine at the poker table?

As poker players, people under the Aquarius sign tend to be as unpredictable as the flight pattern of a fly. Things can go either way, as no two Aquariuses are going to have the same outlook on a situation. Even though they share some essential similarities, they are as different from one another as night from day.

They do have a couple of things in common when it comes to the way they play the game of poker though. For starters, you are extremely unlikely to find an Aquarius loose cannon. They like and respect the game enough to never play it poorly. They might be a bit too curious though, meaning that their opening range is often going to be too wide, but they are generally clever enough to minimize their losses whenever they are in tough spots.

They are intellectuals to the bone, and they will not learn the game unless they have the certainty that their information source is the best available. Regardless of how prepared they may be, they will find some additional research to do, and they will always be up to date in terms of new strategies and tactics.

Playing against an Aquarius can go either way. Literally. They play a cautious-aggressive style ( i know cautious-aggressive makes no sense, but bear with me). An Aquarius tends to be aggressive if he feels the opponent is weak, but he will immediately stand back if he feels that he’s being trapped. They will bet big hoping to extract value or scare you away, but they will fold to a re-raise 90% of the time, unless they have the nuts.


Final thoughts on Aquarius poker players

Winning against an Aquarius in poker games, whether we’re talking about cash games, Sit and Gos, or tournaments, is not going to be easy. You will need to extract as much information from and about them as possible before deciding on a strategy or approach. They are unpredictable, rarely unprepared, and they tend to excel at games that require logic and strategy.



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