Success in poker is something every single one of us dreams about from the very first time we play a hand. The excitement of seeing those chips added to your stack, the feeling you get whenever you steal a pot through a bluff, and the money you win and the money you could win, all contribute to the amazing fascination we have for the game.

Not surprisingly, poker has dominated the gambling scene for more than a century and its momentum doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. From friendly cash games in home games to the insane WSOP tournaments where millions are up for grabs every season, poker is present in our lives throughout the years.

While most of us give it a try as teenagers or young adults and seem to lose interest in the game later in life, others dedicate their entire existence to the poker scene and the lifestyle of a professional poker player. Traveling around the world, staying in the most luxurious hotels, and playing in the most famous casinos against the best players sounds like a dream come true. Well, there are many benefits you can enjoy as a professional poker player, but you also need to deal with the immense pressure you will be under from one game to another, with losing streaks, and a generally risky existence.

Are Virgos naturally inclined to play gambling games?

One important aspect you should pay attention to before you decide whether you should try to become a professional player is whether you have what it takes. You will need a certain personality and a very specific skill set in order to be able to handle the pressure of the games, and to manage to beat the strongest and sneakiest opponents.

And, believe it or not, despite astrology’s bad reputation as a pseudoscience, your zodiac sign does play a role in the way you develop and the type of person you will become. Virgos for example, who are born between the 22nd of August and September 22nd, represent a very special category of people. They are governed by the planet Mercury and they share some very specific personality traits. For the positives, we need to list being extremely intelligent, analytical, practical, observant, and meticulous. When it comes to the negatives, they tend to lack imagination, they tend to be too critical of themselves and others, fussy, judgemental, skeptical, and sometimes too harsh.

They generally tend to stay away from gambling altogether given their skeptical nature and the constant feeling they have that something or someone is out to get them. They rarely feel confident enough in their own skills and avoid confrontations because of that. If they do decide to try their luck at certain games, it’s generally going to be slots or other games they can play alone in privacy.

Of course, like with anything, there are exceptions. And if Virgos do decide to play poker and to invest some time and energy into it, they can become very strong players.


How good are Virgos at playing poker?

Generally, Virgos do not excel at the game of poker. That’s because they rarely feel confident enough to be aggressive, they are far from being masters at hiding their emotions, and they tend to overthink and doubt every single decision they make.

Making a decision is a huge challenge for a Virgo and that doesn’t go well in poker games. In poker, making decisions should be a matter of seconds, and you should always be decisive and one step ahead of your opponents. Overthinking is not an option for a professional poker player.

Of course, a player’s personality and poker-playing abilities are not entirely relying on his zodiac sign. There is a lot of learning, training, and practicing involved in becoming a poker player, and all of these can change the way you act while playing poker, regardless of your innate abilities.

Even though the innate abilities don’t necessarily make great poker players out of Virgos, that is not to say that they are all weak and that their presence shouldn’t be seen as a danger by their opponents. Given how methodical, meticulous and analytical they are, if they overcome some of their weaknesses, they can become extremely dangerous.

Whenever you are faced with the situation of playing a poker game against a Virgo, the one thing you should always pay attention to is their faces. They are pretty useless at trying to hide their emotions and they generally have the emotional maturity of a 5 year old. Whenever something doesn’t go their way, it will be written all across their faces in big bold letters.

Also, you should know that Virgos rarely come up with creative solutions to problems. They are very skilled in certain areas, but creativity is not one of them. What they are great at is following a predefined plan, sticking to a strategy, and being extremely consistent.


Final thoughts on playing poker against Virgos

Playing poker against Virgos is generally not a very difficult task, but one that should be taken seriously. Despite their negative traits that make them not excel at poker, they can make use of their positives to become extremely dangerous and difficult to play against. While they are not the most aggressive players out there, they will strike you unforgivingly whenever they will feel weakness. And as their confidence builds up, so will their strength and success rate against you. Be careful, pay extra attention to everything they do and say, how they act, how they bet, and make decisions only based on hard facts.

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