What do you picture when you try to visualize the best poker player? Is it an unforgiving beast of a man who wins every pot by intimidating others and pushing them around however he pleases? Or the exact opposite: a mathematician who uses his immense knowledge to ensure that every move he makes is the one that he stands to gain the most from?

Well, you’d be right regardless of how you pictured the perfect poker player. Good players come in all kinds of shapes and sizes so to speak, and even though they are as different as day and night most of the time, there are certain things they share like some abilities or personality traits.

While success in poker is quite easy to measure in money won or paid positions in tournaments, how players reach that success varies from one individual to another. Some players are more aggressive and thrive on making others fold, while others play a more complex version of the game trying to constantly find weaknesses in their opponents and exploiting them for maximum value.

There is quite a lot that goes into being a successful poker player and regardless of the approach they have to achieving that success, the fact remains that they do share a couple of personality traits and abilities. Personality is something that is built throughout one’s whole life and can change drastically as the person grows older, but there is always a predefined starting point from where he or she starts building who they will later become.

Are Scorpios inclined to be profitable gamblers?

And even though the traits we inherit from our parents through genetics, our education, and the environment we grow up in are way more important, one other thing contributes to our personality in the end as well. That is, whether you believe it or not, the zodiac. While astrology is without a doubt a pseudoscience that has no actual base in modern logic or science, an undeniable fact about it is that somehow, it gets a lot of things right.

And no, I am not one of the people who wait for the horoscope lady to tell them how their day is going to be, I am not a believer in predicting the future according to the stars (at least not at this scale). But I can’t deny the fact that Zodiac signs do play a role in how people act and what their abilities and personalities are.

Scorpios for example, who are born between late October and mid-November and share the duality of being governed by both Mars and Pluto, are a very special and unique category of people according to the zodiac. While they can take pride in the fact that they are passionate, perceptive, determined, brave, loyal, and resourceful, they also have a series of negative traits: they are possessive, jealous, depressive, anxious, violent, self-destructive, and sometimes dramatic.

As gamblers, their negative traits seem to take over. They tend to be the most toxic gamblers out there, they have no real preference when it comes to games, but once they find one that they like, they will play it obsessively until something gives: either they win or they lose everything. Given their self-destructive nature and their predisposition to mental illness, they also tend to be somewhat inclined to have pretty serious gambling issues especially if they are avid slots players.

How good are Scorpios at the game of poker?

As poker players, Scorpios tend to stay true to their nature and usually make pretty crazy poker players. The most charismatic and toxic loose cannons you will ever see at poker tables are going to be the Scorpios.

Some Scorpios can become extremely good and dangerous poker players if they manage to overcome some of the traits that generally make them not excel at the game. Being self-destructive at the poker table can lead you down a very bad path and your stack is going to disappear so quickly you won’t even believe it.

If a Scorpio does manage to overcome its issues and focuses on playing poker, he can be a worthy, dangerous opponent. They don’t forget and don’t forgive. Once they get crossed, they will go to extreme lengths to punish, and being hunted down by a Scorpio at a poker table is generally not a fun experience, especially if he is a shark.

They are naturally secretive, so holding their hands close to their chest is right up their alley. They have no problem deceiving others or hiding their true intentions, and at a poker table, this skill comes in very handy. Also, they are determined and brave, which is generally a winning combination in this game that requires a lot of tenacity and ambitions from those who really want to succeed.

Winning against a Scorpio in poker games is generally not exactly easy. Playing against an unforgiving loose cannon can go both ways and they tend to drag you into a gameplay that is not exactly healthy. For Scorpios, it’s always all or nothing, and that always goes well for only one of the players involved. You might not think it’s important, but Scorpios are also the luckiest Zodiac sign out there, so you shouldn’t be surprised if they call your pre-flop all-in with marginal hands and win.

Final thoughts on how well Scorpios play poker

Scorpios are generally tough opponents, even though in essence they won’t play the cleanest games. They will often make mistakes, but things tend to work out in their favor more often than they might deserve. Always be extra careful when playing against Scorpios, they are unpredictable and difficult, aggressive, and lucky.

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