Is there something more beautiful than winning a WSOP bracelet or cashing out a massive amount after a stressful poker session? Well, some might argue that playing poker and winning is not everything there is to love in life, and I agree. But let’s just say that I agree with those who claim that playing a good poker game is the most fun you can have with your pants on.

That may be true, but the bad part is that becoming a successful poker player is not only a long journey but also a very difficult one. There is a lot of work that goes into achieving a good profitability rate in poker, and there are some skills you will need to acquire in the process. That is, of course, unless you already possess them. While the strategies, tactics, dynamics, and methodologies involved in this amazingly complex game that is often compared to chess need to be learned either from books or gaming experience, there are some abilities you can simply be born with.

Whether it’s an innate predisposition to being a good mathematician, an ability to disconnect from your feelings when you need to, or other things you inherit from your parents, they will come in handy on your journey to becoming a successful poker player. On top of this, your education will also play a huge role in your mind is going to develop throughout your life. But on top of all this, there is one more thing you need to consider: your zodiac sign.

Is a Sagittarius a profitable gambler in general?

While some zodiac signs tend to be more creative or inclined to have artistic talents, others are more grounded and practical. Comparing a Cancer to a Virgo is like comparing a fish to a bird. And yes, despite the fact that astrology is a pseudoscience, it has been around for close to 4000 years. It does get a couple of things right, and while believing that the planets can predict your future is somewhat silly, it is undeniably true that people who share a zodiac sign also share a couple of similarities in terms of personality traits and innate abilities or predispositions.

A Sagittarius is someone born between November 22nd and December 21st. The Zodiac sign is governed by Jupiter and the representative element for it is fire. A person born under the Sagittarius sign is likely to be idealistic, funny, extremely curious, adventurous, fair, independent, and energetic. As for the negatives, impatience, a lack of tact, and a good dose of aggressiveness and inconsistency are generally often seen in these people.

As gamblers, they tend to go big or go home. They are curious to discover every single game in the casino and they will not shy away from placing sports bets either. A Sagittarius will play every new casino game that gets launched and will always find it more interesting than the previous one. Those who choose Roulette, Blackjack, or other table games will do it with a clear intention to win big. You are quite unlikely to see a Sagittarius betting on Red or Black on Roulette, and will generally go for certain numbers instead. Similarly, playing safe in Blackjack hands is not an option, and they will split every hand that can be split and will always prefer to ask for a new card and bust than to stay safe with a 17.


How dangerous is a Sagittarius in a poker game?

As poker players, they tend to be extremely dangerous. Despite their charmful nature and the fact that they will be instantly liked by everyone at the table, once the cards are dealt, they become someone else. They will be unforgivingly aggressive, tough to read, and extremely versatile.

They can easily adapt to any situation and are creative enough to come up with the craziest solutions to get out of tough spots in the game. Their biggest weakness is the fact that they are quite impatient and will not shy away from making you feel bad whenever they win or lose a hand. One of their most useless talents is simply having an insane ability to make others feel bad. A single look filled with disgust or disappointment from a Sagittarius is going to make you feel like you would be better off buried 6 feet under than to stand another second and look in their eyes.

They are not impossible to beat in poker games though. Their inconsistency generally makes them prone to making mistakes and the fact that they are impatient generally means that they will often open up their range a little bit too much from time to time. If you manage to find the pattern and discover the right moments when they lose patience and start making mistakes in terms of the hands they start playing, you can easily exploit them and extract value.

Speaking of value, they tend to be extremely aggressive, which means that whenever you have them beat, if you play your cards right, you won’t have too much trouble pushing them all-in, especially if you let them try to bluff you. Generally, a Sagittarius poker player is going to give you some trouble at the poker table and you will need to be extremely careful in choosing the right moment to strike.

Final thoughts on Sagittarius poker players

More often than not, Sagittarius poker players are unforgiving sharks who use their logic and are perfectly aware of their strengths and use them at maximum potential. Beating them is not impossible, but you need to be patient and to pay attention to everything they do. Generally, they are quite hard to read because they have a natural ability to disconnect from their emotional side.

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