Winning a game of poker is an amazing experience, there is no denying that. Reaching the level of experience that is required in order to be constantly profitable from poker is a different story though. There is a lot more work, learning, and failing involved in the process than most people would imagine. Only someone who went through the process of learning the game and mastering it can fully understand the lengths you have to go to in order to meet your goals.

The stakes are usually high enough to justify the efforts though. With millions up for grabs in tournaments every year and cash games from certain casinos where the stakes are literally breathtaking, there is a whole lot to motivate people to try their luck in poker. Well, that’s just a figure of speech, because luck has very little to do with how successful you are playing poker, regardless of whether it’s online poker or the live version of the game.

Poker is actually a game of skill where experienced players manage to stay profitable against all odds. Regardless of the cards they are dealt and the cards they see on the board, good poker players can figure out ways to extract value even from the most unlikely scenarios.

That being said, an important thing to factor in is that poker players are a special breed. They require a very particular set of skills and they generally share a couple of very specific personality traits and abilities, despite the fact that they seem to be extremely different from one another at first glance.

Is Pisces a zodiac sign that favors gamblers?

While most players prefer not to give this too much thought, zodiac signs play quite an important role in our lives. Most poker players would rather consider themselves fully responsible for their successes and failures, but the truth is that as unlikely as it may seem, astrology does play a role in who we are and how we act.

And no, I am not saying that our future is written in the stars, but the stars do dictate a couple of aspects of our personalities, and the zodiac sign we are born under usually defines us to a certain extent. Our upbringing and the personality traits we inherit from our parents or the things we learn throughout our lives are way more important, but that doesn’t mean that we should completely ignore the zodiac sign we are born under.

Pisces for example is the zodiac sign that governs people born between the 19th of February and the 20th of March and is ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. This duality of its influence is also reflected in the characteristics that define Pisces. They are the biggest dreamers of the zodiac, people who are extremely adaptable, easily startled, and who tend to live in their own heads more than they do in the reality surrounding them.

They have a couple of impressive qualities: they are imaginative, kind, intuitive, adaptable, compassionate, and extremely creative. They are artists first and foremost. Among the negative traits, we need to mention their self-destructive nature, their proneness to self-martyring, their addictiveness, laziness, and moodiness. They also tend to be overly pessimistic and hypersensitive, which sometimes makes them quite difficult to understand and manage.

As gamblers, they are generally the worst kind out there. They don’t discriminate against games, they play whatever feels right at the moment and tend to get too hung up on the casino games. They are the ones that make the worst gambling mistakes and have a tendency to get addicted rather quickly. A vast majority of the compulsive gamblers out there are Pisces and despite the fact that they seem to live in an idealized world, their realities are often distorted.

How does a Pisces perform at the poker tables?

Well, not great. Most personality traits a Pisces has as default work against their ability to perform too well in poker. Poker is not a good thing to get involved in if you are not extremely well grounded in reality, if you don’t have unbeatable logic, and if you are constantly in a state of daydreaming.

Pisces tend to not take the game too seriously and instead of studying hard and working hard, they will, more often than not, simply hope for the best. And their self-destructive nature, mixed with the pessimism that characterizes them, will determine most of them to sit at a poker table with a completely negative mindset. They are almost certain that they will lose, but they hope they won’t.

Obviously, this is not the mindset of a winner in the game of poker. It’s actually quite the opposite.

There are some exceptions though. Some Pisces, thanks to other factors from their upbringing,  manage to overcome their negative traits and take advantage of their positive ones. For example, if a Pisces manages to avoid being self-destructive and pessimistic and focuses their efforts on developing their creative nature instead, can achieve quite a lot at a poker table.

They are highly adaptable and since they are also extremely imaginative, they tend to think outside the box more than others. This can be very useful in a poker game, where you can find yourself in pretty tough spots more often than you would like. Defeating a Pisces poker player is not exactly difficult. If you manage to understand him as a player, you are quite likely to figure out many ways of exploiting his weaknesses and stealing his entire stack.


Final thoughts on Pisces poker players

Pisces poker players generally don’t shine. They are unremarkable at the poker table and, perhaps unsurprisingly, the fish that the big sharks prey on. Beating them and stealing their stacks is generally rather easy, but it requires some effort and attention. The one thing Pisces are great at is being slippery. You never know exactly how they will react and how they will perform in a game or from one day to another.

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