Have you ever wondered what exactly separates a good poker player from a great one? What makes the difference between constantly winning pots and constantly losing them? Well, nobody can really know for sure, but the fact is that excellent poker players seem to share a couple of personality traits. That cannot be a coincidence, right?

So, how important is your personality when it comes to playing poker? If you’re wondering if anyone can become a great poker player if he trains enough, the answer is a resounding yes. Practice, resilience, and discipline can easily lead every single one of us to greatness in poker. The difference is going to be made by the amount of effort and time each of us will need to invest in training before we achieve the profitability and success rate we dream of.

While the game of poker may seem pretty simple and straightforward at the first glance, the truth is that its complexity will leave you speechless as you advance and start understanding all the different tactics, strategies, and subtle details that make the difference between winning and losing.

So, to become a great poker player you will need a mix of talent or innate abilities, a certain type of personality, and, depending on how far ahead you start this journey, a certain amount of practice. 

Are Libras naturally talented at gambling?

While everyone considers our personalities to be a result of genetics, education, upbringing, and the environment we were surrounded by throughout our lives, there is one small aspect that most people seem to overlook. The zodiac sign people are born under does influence the way they develop their personalities and how they approach their lives.

Yes, astrology is clearly a pseudoscience, even though the discipline has been around for more than 4000 years. And no, I am not a believer in general. I don’t think that my future is written in the stars or that some lady on TV can really know how my day is going to be depending on the positions the stars are aligned on any particular day.

One thing I am convinced of though is that people born under a certain zodiac sign do share a couple of similarities in terms of personality. Yes, there are exceptions, but there is no denying that the vast majority of Virgos for example are very self-conscious and detail-oriented.

That being said, let’s have a look at Libras and how they relate to the gambling world. First of all, you should know that this zodiac sign is the one that is governing people born between September 23rd and the 23rd of October. The ruling planet for Libras is Venus and the things that make them particularly special are the fact that they are peaceful, diplomatic, elegant, natural leaders, charming, and extremely sociable.

On the other hand, they are generally unable to make decisions, people-pleasing, passive-aggressive, and somewhat vain or superficial.

They generally do not have a special interest in gambling. Luxury and wealth are not very important for Libras and they tend to focus their efforts on other things than earning tons of money. Of course, not all Libras are the same, and the ones who do end up gambling are generally going to be found at the poker tables. That’s because they love interacting with other people, they have a great ability to make themselves noticed, and they thrive on being in the presence of others with the same interests.


How good are Libras at playing poker?

Very few Libras become professional poker players or even profitable amateurs. The main reason for this is the fact that they are too indecisive and have an extremely hard time making even the smallest and insignificant decisions. As you know, poker is completely unforgiving to those who cannot make decisions and who cannot work under immense pressure.

Those who do manage to overcome their weaknesses are likely to become rather successful. So if you’re sitting at a poker table across for a Libra, know that they are not there unprepared. There was a lot of work and dedication involved in their success and the simple fact that they are sitting at a poker table with a stack of chips in front of them is a clear sign that this is something they wanted and worked for.

They are charming and sociable, so be careful not to let them get under your skin. They are quite receptive when it comes to understanding others, so you are not very likely to manage to pull off too many bluffs against them. Libras are generally a lot more successful in tournaments than cash games. That’s because they are patient, disciplined, and extremely balanced. They can follow a structured strategy to the letter, and they will stick to their plan no matter what happens.

They have no problem waiting for hours to find the right moment to strike, but when they do, they will generally not be extremely strong. That is actually one of the traps you need to pay extra attention to. Due to their indecisive nature, they tend to low-play even their strongest hands. So, unless you are extremely confident that you have the nuts, you should never let yourself get fooled by the low bets a Libra is making. They tend to build their pots slowly, and then they just take them right from under your nose.


Final thoughts on Libra poker players

Even though Libras are quite rarely found at poker tables, whenever you come across one, you should be extra careful. They are deceivingly strong and tend to let everyone think they are weak even when they have the nuts. Playing against a Libra takes some practice until you understand their style and start noticing the tells that indicate that you’re in danger. Once you do, you won’t have a very hard time defeating them, but extracting decent value from poker hands will be tough against Libras.

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