The game of poker, especially if we are talking about No-Limit Texas Hold’em, is one of the most exciting gambling games out there. Granted, you are not exactly going to have much of a chance to win millions from a single hand like you would from a progressive jackpot. But if you think about it, considering how unlikely it is for you to be lucky enough to hit one, you are probably much better off investing your money in a safer game.

The good news about poker is that you don’t play it against the casino. You don’t need to beat the house edge, which is notoriously impossible to beat. The casino doesn’t really care if you win or lose a hand, because it gets the rake from the pot regardless of who wins it. This makes poker probably the safest choice when it comes to gambling. That is, of course, if you know what you are doing.

Being a successful poker player doesn’t exactly come easy for most of us. Learning all the required skills, the dynamic of the game, the strategies, and the tactics is usually a long and tiring process. Needless to say, not everyone going in also comes out successful the other way. On top of the things you need to learn, there are some innate abilities involved. For example, being relatively good at math helps a lot, almost as much as having the ability to stay cool under pressure.

Are Capricorns generally good gamblers?

All these skills you get throughout your lifetime have a starting point. That relies on genetics in the first place, as many of your personality traits are passed down from your parents through your DNA. On top of this, your upbringing, the environment you grow up in, and your entourage also have an impact on how you turn out as a person. While the nature vs nurture battle has been analyzed and discussed at length in the past centuries, what usually gets ignored is the impact the stars have on our personalities.

Yes, you read that right. Astrology has been around for some 4000 years and even though there is no tangible scientific proof to its claims, the undeniable truth is that astrology gets a lot of things right, sometimes inexplicably. The zodiac sign you are born under does have an influence on how you turn out as a person and there are some personality traits or abilities you are simply going to share with the rest of the people who are born under the same sign.

Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is the zodiac sign that governs people born between December 22nd and January 19th. Some of the characteristics that make these people special are: being practical, determined, loyal, especially ambitious, wise, disciplined, patient, cautious, and responsible. As for the negatives, they are self-centered, greedy, unforgiving, stubborn, and more often than not, condescending.

As gamblers, they are usually extremely efficient. They have a tendency to make all the right choices after analyzing the games. They are determined enough to achieve their goals regardless of how unrealistic or difficult they may be. They tend to excel especially at skill games, even though they won’t underperform too terribly in Roulette or Blackjack either. They like earning others’ respect, so they will choose games that are played by multiple players at once. Capricorns are not big fans of sports betting, as the excitement simply isn’t what they would expect from an experience like this. Most Capricorns will choose card games over other casino games, so you are a lot more likely to find a Capricorn at a poker or blackjack table than you are at slots.

How do Capricorns perform in poker games?

As poker players, Capricorns are probably some of the best players you will find. They are determined, serious, and unforgiving. They will spend hundreds of hours learning the ins and outs of the game, they won’t shy away from making mistakes and learning from them, and they will practice like crazy until they reach the level they desire.

They usually aim high and work their asses off to get there. And more often than not, especially in poker, they succeed. They are grounded, have unbeatable logic, and since they are a zodiac sign governed by Saturn, they tend to be extremely cerebral. They love earning the respect of the players sitting at the same poker table as them and use all their skills to earn it.

Winning against a Capricorn is not exactly easy, but it is possible. Bluffing them is generally quite easy to do, because of their greedy nature. They love winning every hand they are in, and they generally have a very hard time letting go even when they are almost certain that you have them beat. They would rather lose a couple of chips than fold without seeing what you made your bets with. They are curious to the extent that it becomes counterproductive. A good strategy against Capricorns is to make them feel strong especially when you know for a fact that you are stronger. Bet small against them even if you have the nuts. Their greed and their desire to win are very likely to push them to raise more often than they fold.


Final thoughts on how Capricorns play poker

Capricorns are generally tough opponents in the game of poker. You won’t beat them easily and you are going to have to adapt your strategy to their unorthodox playing style if you want to stand a chance at making a profit against them.

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