Being a poker player, especially in No-Limit Texas Hold’em, is not exactly for the faint of heart. You need to have courage, a very good understanding of the game, flawless logic, and a native ability to think mathematically. Like the game of chess, poker requires players to think ahead, to prepare their offense, and strike decisively when nobody expects it.

The stakes involved, which oftentimes go well into the millions of dollars, are just one of the reasons why we are so fascinated with this game. It’s the excitement, the pride you can take in making a hero call or bluffing your way to a massive pot, and the joy of pulling those chips from the middle of the table.

While strategies and tactics are clearly essential, one thing that is overlooked a bit more often than you would expect is the native personalities of the players involved. Yes, we are the result of a huge series of factors, from our education to our general upbringing and the environment we are surrounded by. But on top of that, there is no denying the fact that we are born with certain personality traits that are either passed on by our parents through our DNA or come from the stars. Literally. Astrology, despite the fact that it is not exactly a science, does come with some information about people sharing zodiac signs that are undeniably true.                   

Are Cancerians natively good at gambling?

Perhaps one of the most fascinating zodiac signs is Cancer. Shared by people born between June 21st and July 22nd, this zodiac sign is governed by the Moon and grants those under it some personality traits that make them rather remarkable.

Considered by many the most successful Zodiac sign, it is responsible for some of the most successful people in the world, some of the most creative artists, and very impressive individuals in general. Cancer natives are sensitive, intelligent, in touch with their emotional side, creative, loyal, and perhaps most importantly highly intuitive. Their natural emotional intelligence can baffle most other zodiac signs and they can pick up the slightest details on someone’s facial expression.

They are drawn to and fascinated by everything that is beautiful, elegant, or flashy, which is why being in a live casino feels like home to them. They love the luxury, the red carpet, the flashing lights, and the feeling of anticipation. Needless to say, Cancer natives are drawn to every casino game you can think of, but they are not so much into sports betting. Even though their intuition generally pays off whenever they place a bet on a certain team, the excitement of winning a sports bet never feels like enough.

Despite being generally introverts who love to sit comfortably in their shell, they are incredibly skillful in offensive and they take full advantage of that whenever the moment is right. This offensive ability, mixed with their natural defensive skills, and their intuitive nature, all these make them incredibly dangerous at the poker table.

How does a Cancer perform in poker games?

A Cancer at the poker table can be your worst nightmare, or it can change nothing. It can literally go both ways, but there is no middle ground. A Cancer will either win everything or lose everything. They are either unforgiving sharks or gullible fish.

Their intuition and ability to pick up tells are their most powerful weapons. They are not particularly disciplined, but they compensate for this lack of discipline with patience like you’ve never seen before, a calm that will make your blood boil in your veins, and an emotional intelligence that will leave you speechless.

They are creative and always think outside the box. The good news for you is that they rarely follow through with their creative ideas. They tend to think of amazing solutions to the problems they are facing, but they rarely put them in practice and prefer to sit back and let others take action. Cancer natives can be masters of emotional manipulation, so you should always expect the worst from them at the poker table. They will not shy away from achieving their goals through any means necessary and you can find yourself as collateral damage in a scheme that will leave you speechless.

Winning against a Cancer in a poker game is not very difficult if you know what to expect from them. They can become exploitable due to their pessimistic nature which will get them to fold the best hand more often than you might expect, thinking that the worst has happened and you have them beat.

They are easier to bluff in online poker than in live games though. Their ability to see details, to notice tells, and to see beyond what others see make them quite difficult to play against in live poker games. Their problem is that even though they are masters at reading other people, they are actually quite easy to read themselves. They are quite expressive, and being so in touch with their emotions works against them.


Final thoughts on how Cancers play poker

Playing poker against a Cancer native is going to be a pleasant experience regardless of the outcome. They are generally very friendly and have a way of making themselves liked. They will show a true interest in you as a person, but will also use every single piece of information you willingly or unwillingly give away against you. It’s not impossible to win against a Cancer in poker games, but you always need to be prepared to accept that things can go a completely different way on the next hand. Their playing style can be described as a roller coaster. Their stack rarely stays the same for long, and when they attack, they destroy.

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