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  • Unusual theme
  • Bets start at one credit
  • A top prize of 5,000 coins
  • There are no special bonus features

Zeus Play has chosen to send you off into outer space for this online slot. Dice Tronic is a simple-looking game, but because it was released a few years ago, the graphics are starting to look a little dated.

It’s quite a perplexing theme, with its mysterious atmosphere, eerie music, and floating dice. But the simplicity of the game does help to make it appealing.

Dice Tronic Details and Specs

The game uses a classic five-reel three-row playing field and only has five paylines. It’s a simple slot game that features a range of colored dice that show different totals. There is also a collection of blue and red spheres that look like the close-up of an atom. There’s a wild symbol you have to look out for as it’ll help you reach the top prize of 5,000.

From highest to lowest, here are the payouts you can expect in this slot:

  • Scatter: The scatter symbols act as a Wild and substitute for all other symbols in the game. Land three scatter symbols on the screen, and you activate the free spins mode. For five-of-a-kind on a win line, you receive 50 x your bet.
  • Molecule: 100 x your bet
  • Yellow dice: 80 x your bet
  • Green dice: 80 x your bet
  • Blue dice: 20 x your bet
  • Purple dice: 20 x your bet
  • Red dice: 20 x your bet
  • Orange dice: 20 x your bet

The paylines are fixed in this game, making it feel inflexible, but with so few paylines, most of you would want to play them all every spin anyway. You can easily alter the size of your bet by clicking on the plus and minus buttons. Bets range from 1 to 100 coins. With five fixed paylines, that a total maximum bet of 500 credits per spin.

Another option is the autoplay button, which automatically lets you spin the reels if you fancy a spot of hands-free gaming.     

Dice Tronic Theme and Features

Dice Tronic focuses heavily on the sci-fi theme. The dark blue background features planets, floating asteroids, and lots of twinkling stars. At the bottom of the screen, the ground scape is filled with craters, making you feel like you’re standing on the moon or some other nearby planet.  

Dice Tronic Bonus Features

Although you can choose to gamble your winnings on a simple 50/50 card game, there are no special bonus features. If you want to play, all you have to do is select whether the next card in a pack will be red or black. Guess correctly, and you double your cash. But be careful because if you guess wrong, you lose your winnings from that spin.

Overview of Dice Tronic Online Slot from Zeus Play

The theme might be somewhat bizarre, but it only makes it more intriguing. The mix of outer space and dice isn’t going to suit everyone, but they work very well together. Another exciting element is the music because it works beautifully at creating an alien and eerie feel.

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