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  • A fun take on the traditional slot game played with multiple decks of cards
  • Better than average RTP
  • Easy to play for novice poker players
  • Offers suggestions on which hands to save
  • Cons
  • The design of the game is a little dull
  • Welcome to American Poker Gold, an online video poker game that’s just a little different from your usual slot. The game is American to the core and brings with it plenty of opportunities to win big. 

    American Poker Gold Online Slot Details and Specs

    American Poker Gold is very easy to play. The control panel includes the following features:

    • Lines: you can select from 1 to 5 paylines.
    • Bet: Bets per line range from 0.10 to 100 credits.
    • Play: Click this button for a single respin.
    • Max bet: Sets the maximum bet without changing the number of lines. Double click the button and it sets the reels in motion. 
    • Autoplay: Activates the free spins mode

    One useful feature of American Poker Gold is the history of previous wins. To play the game you have to collect one or several poker hands using the five cards to win. You have two rounds to do this. 

    Combinations and payouts are as follows:

    • 2 Jacks or 2 cards of a higher rank — 0.10 credits
    • Any 2 pairs of cards — 0.20 credits
    • 3 cards of a kind — 0.30 credits
    • Straight (any 5 cards) — 0.50 credits
    • Flush (5 cards of one suit) — 1 credit
    • Full House (2 and 3 cards of a kind) — 1.50 credits
    • 4 cards of a kind — 5 credits
    • Straight Flush (5 cards of one suit) — 20 credits
    • Royal Flush (5 cards from 10 to Ace of one suit) — 60 credits
    • 5 cards of one suit — 100 credits

    American Poker Gold is a high volatility game with an RTP of 96.58%.

    The game is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices so take your video poker game with you on the go or enjoy a few hands while you’re relaxing at home.  

    American Poker Gold Theme and Features

    In terms of design, it won’t take long for you to appreciate why it was given the name American Poker Gold. Above the pay table sits a magnificent bald eagle with stars hovering around its head. In the background, you can see the American presidents faces carved into the iconic Mount Rushmore. There’s also a star-spangled banner blowing in the wind. 

    To add to the atmosphere, the cards you’re dealt all have the Statue of Liberty on the back. 

    The rules of this game are very simple, which allows anyone to enjoy the game, even if they’re never played a hand of poker in their life. You’re not playing against a dealer. Instead, you’re dealt 5 cards and the rest is up to you. Separate decks are used for each line.

    When you’re given cards that can form a winning hand, they’re locked and you have one more round to complete the combination. But that doesn’t mean you’re limited in any way because you have the freedom to replace the locked cards if you want to fix other ones. 

    A winning hand is the same as in a traditional poker game, with 5 of a kind being the highest paying combination.   

    American Poker Gold Bonus Features

    American Poker Gold offers 2 different bonuses, 

    • Wild card: This is the joker and can play the role of any card, helping you to form or increase the winning combo.
    • Scatters: This is the queen and can appear during the game on 2 or more lines. If you get any winning combination after the deal, it duplicates to other paylines. Your winnings will increase 2, 3, 4, or 5 times respectively. Two cards on the secondary lines remain face-down until you hit the play button again. If the remaining cards on the first line produce a combination during the second round you win extra prizes. 

    There’s also a gamble feature that enables you to increase your prizes as you can risk the win for a chance to double your winnings. 

    Overview of American Poker Gold Online Slot from Wazdan

    American Poker Gold by Wazdan is an interesting video poker game to play, especially if you’re looking for something a little different to the standard slots game. It features some fabulous gaming features and the gameplay is exceedingly smooth. For lovers of poker in particular this is a great way to spend your free time. 

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