Things are not looking good for the Boynton Beach, Florida arcade manager. Antonio Magnone, aged 35, is the man in question and he was booked just this week after a search of the Crowne Arcade, Florida, in June. He has been charged with a total of 32 counts of unlawful possession of slot machines.

Antonio is registered as living in Weirton, WV, but that didn’t stop him from being apprehended recently in Ohio and extradited to Florida. Right up until his appearance in a local court this week, he was held in the Palm Beach County Jail.

The Florida arcade owner is also facing charges of keeping a gambling house, money laundering, and being an employee or agent of a gambling house. His bond was set at $15,000.

The investigation that led to Antonio’s arrest started last November. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office received a tip that illegal gambling could be taking place in the arcade.

When sheriff’s investigators visited the business, they spotted over 30 Las Vegas-style video slot machines on the premises. According to a report from WPTV, a Florida TV station, the slots were paying out cash prizes to the winning players.

In addition, when players bet $10, another $10 of house money was put into the slot machine by the house. The maximum amount a player could win was $10,000.

Two Further Charges

The raids in June were just the latest in a series of raids that started more than twelve months ago in March 2021. It started when Broward County, Fla detectives raided the same arcade. The result of the raid was the arrest of Antonio Magnone’s brother, Vincenzo, aged 38.

Vincenzo was charged with several offenses including keeping a gambling house and bookmaking. He pled guilty to the charges and received a sentence of five years probation.

Following his arrest, responsibility for the arcade’s management fell on the shoulders of Antonio. The arcade was then sold by the brothers on June 8, for $450,000. The buyer of the arcade was an entity named as Anjaneya Investments. At the same time, the arcade was renamed Game X Arcade.

In addition to Antonio’s charges, Marquita Margadonna, aged 66, was also charged. She was identified as the arcade’s business manager. Marquita’s charges included money laundering, unlawful possession of a slot machine, being an employee or agent of a gambling house, and keeping a gambling house. Marquita posted bond and her court case is pending.

According to the authorities investigating the arcade, the slot machines on the premises are worth $200,000.  

A Total of Eight Gambling Raids

In a totally unrelated case, deputies raided eight alleged illegal Florida gambling properties last December. At the properties in Seminole County, 18 suspects were charged with various offenses.

The charges included keeping a house of gaming, racketeering, running an illegal lottery, and delivering gaming machines. All the illegal operations were shut down.

The locations of the illegal casinos were Altamonte Springs, Casselberry, Sanford, and unincorporated Seminole County. The dens were all cleverly disguised with no distinguishing signs. One was marked as a billiard hall, and one as a pawn shop. 

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