Lucky Crypto is a Cyprus-based DeFi gaming platform and it made history last month by launching the industry’s first metaverse-based non-fungible token (NFT) slot machine. This NFT slot is part of the release of two Lucky Degens NFT collections.

What is DeFi?

DeFI is an abbreviation for decentralised finance. It is a general term that encompasses transactions that don’t rely on exchanges, banks, or brokerages. Instead, they use smart contracts on a blockchain.

What is the Metaverse?

The metaverse is an integrated network of 3D virtual worlds. You can access these worlds via a virtual reality headset. Using these headsets, it’s possible to navigate the metaverse using eye movements, voice commands, or feedback controllers. Thanks to the headset, you are completely immersed. It stimulates presence and generates the physical sensation of actually being there.

While virtual reality is considered a key ingredient for the metaverse experience, entrance is not limited to having a VR headset. It’s possible for anyone with a smartphone or computer to tap into a metaverse experience.

Decentraland is one example of a metaverse. It is a 3D virtual world browser-based platform. In this platform, users can buy virtual plots of land as NFTs using the MANA cryptocurrency. It first opened its virtual doors to the public in February 2020. Decentraland is overseen by the non-profit Decentraland Foundation.

Decentraland is also one of many metaverses where Lucky Crypto has bought plots of land where it can build a network of metaverse casinos. As well as obtaining “Embassy” in Decentraland, Lucky Crypto has also secured plots in Sandbox, a rival gaming metaverse. In addition to that, it has also secured plots in the upcoming dedicated casino metaverse, “Metachance.”    

What are NFTs?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. Essentially, non-fungible means that it’s unique and can’t be replaced with something else. For example, you can trade bitcoins, so these are fungible. A one-of-a-kind trading card, on the other hand, is non-fungible. If you decided to trade the card for a different one, you’d have something completely different.

NFTs can be anything digital (such as music, in-game items, videos, drawings, your brain downloaded and turned into an AI). They are bought and sold online, frequently with cryptocurrency. NFTs are also built using the same kind of programming as cryptocurrency.

Upcoming NFT Collections

NFTs have been around for a while now and it’s not the first time they’ve been incorporated into a slot machine. For example, Evolution’s Red Tiger announced the release of the NFT Megaways in September 2021. It was claimed to be the first online slot that integrated NFTs.

CryptoPunks featured in the Red Tiger game. These Wild symbols could only land on the CryptPunks Bar. When you land a CryptoPunk, and it forms part of a low-paying win, the CryptoPunk collects them.

Lucky Crypto’s game is very similar, but the Lucky Degen NFTs are available via a more traditional airdrop.

The Degen part of the Lucky Degen slot title is a shortened version of degenerate. This is a slang term that can be used to describe gamblers who stake enormous sums of money despite lacking relevant knowledge or experience. It’s a term that hints at the slot’s maverick appeal.

In the world of DeFi, a Degen refers to a subculture that has associations with a disreputable side of the crypto world where people engage in pump and dump schemes.

Lucky Crypto, an online DeFi gaming platform that accepts crypto deposits, is only available in jurisdictions where crypto gambling is permitted. This doesn’t include the US or the UK.

Two collections are being launched by Lucky Crypto. The first was released on June 24 and is titled the OG Lucky Degens collection. It has been billed by its creators as “ultra-exclusive.” It has just 77 unique, hand-drawn NFTs that are available for minting for 0.25 ETH.

Owners of OG Lucky Degen will be able to access a monthly airdrop of each of seven Jungle Animal Lucky Degen NFTs, a wearable that allows access to restricted Decentraland features, and a $LUCKY token airdrop. This token can be used to play at

The Lucky Jungle Animal NFT collection is due to be launched this month. Jungle Animal NFTs will be released every month, starting July 2022 and running until January 2023. A total of 1111 of each seven Jungle Animal NFTs will be available for minting for 0.1 ETH.

To play Lucky Crypto’s NFT slot machine, you have to head to the Decentraland metaverse. Once there, look for the coordinates of the Lucky Degens Embassy. Head inside the embassy and find your way upstairs. This is where you’ll find the virtual machines. Position yourself in front of the machine and click to play. If you’re lucky to land a win, you’ll be paid in Lucky Degen NFTs.  

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