Vincent “Fatz” Caruso may have enjoyed a drug-dealing lifestyle for a number of years but it was inevitable that the law would eventually catch up with him. In March, “Fatz” found himself pleading guilty to conspiracy to manufacture, distribute, and possess fentanyl along with the intent to distribute 400 grams or more.

He also pleaded guilty to possessing marijuana, cocaine, and other controlled substances with the intent to distribute. But that wasn’t all. He also held his hands up to money laundering, robbery, and firearms offences.

He had made a very successful career for himself as a drug kingpin by flooding the North Shore area with fentanyl pills. He washed the proceeds from his business at a New Hampshire casino, but it all came to an abrupt end when he was sent to prison for more than 20 years.

His mother also happened to be a regular visitor at the same Brook Casino in Seabrook, NH. She was handed a prison sentence of nine years by the Boston federal judge.

Caruso’s operation was quite well connected. It had links with the Tiny Rascal and Lil Crip street gangs. He also had close connections with Epic Nation the Label, a hip-hop outfit. Before his recent brush with the law, he spent 15 days in jail for breaking into a property just to shoot a music video.

Fatz Was Quite Happy to Brag

According to prosecutors during the court proceedings, Caruso wasn’t shy about letting the world know what he was up to via social media. He bragged about owning six presses for making the pills. These pill presses also meant he could distribute the Fentanyl under the disguise of Percocet pills.

The machines had the potential to produce 15,000 pills per hour. The street price for each pill was between $10 and $23 each.

In Massachusetts in 2020, there were almost 2,000 opioid-related overdose deaths, 92% of which were linked to fentanyl. Potentially, this is just the tip of the iceberg as toxicology screens are not widely available.

Together with his mother Laurie, Fatz made frequent trips to the Brook Casino. His mother was one of his many runners and distributors.

When at the casino, they were very careful not to bet amounts over $10,000. Wagers over this amount have to be reported to financial authorities. They were obviously trying to stay under the radar. Their favourite bets were accumulator bets featuring favourites. This is because they offer high returns and require relatively low stakes.

Between the months of February and June in 2021, the pair placed 150 cash bets. The total of these bets was more than $400,000. Their sportsbook losses were around $20,000. They were able to convert $380,000 in dirty money, into legitimate casino winnings.

Officials Are Happy with the Arrest

After the sentencing, First Assistant US Attorney Joshua S. Levy said they were pleased that a family business had been shut down for good. Caruso was a violent and prolific drug trafficker and he managed to flood North Shore communities with hundreds of thousands of counterfeit pills.

Along with his associates, Caruso had orchestrated many armed robberies and shootings. They had an arsenal of firearms that included machine guns. The fact that they bragged about their destructive criminal conduct only made things worse.

However, according to Levy, what made the whole situation more appalling was that Caruso posted some of his Instagram brags while out on pretrial release.    


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