So many people dream of winning the lottery. For one lucky North Carolina resident, his dream came true when he won $10 million on an Ultimate Millions scratch-off ticket. He bought the ticket at a Maco Depot gas station and he thought his life was going to change forever.

Michael Todd Hill, aged 54, was a nuclear power plant worker who lived in Leland Brunswick County, but in August 2017, his life was about to change, and not necessarily in a good way. He was pictured accepting the $10 million check from the NC Education Lottery with his wife and described the event as life-changing.

However, just three years later, Michael experienced another life-changing event when he shot his 23-year-old girlfriend, Keonna Graham of Navassa. What prompted him to shoot her in the back of the head while she was sleeping?

Jealousy Was the Alleged Motive

Keonna Graham from Navassa was shot while sleeping at the SureStay Hotel in Shallotte, Brunswick County. Prosecutors in the murder case claimed that Hill was jealous because she had been texting other men. Graham was 31 years younger than Hill, but they had been enjoying a relationship for about 18 months.

It was a maid that discovered the body, shortly after 12.30 pm on July 20. Around the same time, Graham’s mother also filed a missing person’s report. This was because she hadn’t shown up for work. She was a corrections officer at Pender Correctional Institution.

In the autopsy report, it says that Graham was holding a penny in her left hand. While detectives also found a Ziplock bag that contained a white powder.

According to prosecutors, there was hotel surveillance footage and the only person who had entered the hotel room with Graham had been Hill. He was subsequently arrested the very next day and admitted to killing Graham. A jury found Hill guilty of first-degree murder on May 27, 2022.

Hill Was Considered a Nice Guy by So Many

A news reporter spoke to a friend of the victim’s family in 2020. The local NBC affiliate WECT was speaking to Tiffany Wilson who was incredulous and couldn’t understand how, after winning the lottery, he had killed such a beautiful girl.

Wilson is reported as saying that he had all that money and was seducing a young girl into a hotel room. She couldn’t explain what the situation had been, but he had no business being in that hotel room with her.

The employees at the garage where Hill purchased his winning ticket were also spoken to by WECT. According to them, Hill returned, after his win, and gifted the girl who sold him the lucky ticket $2,000 to say thanks.

He was described by employees as a regular nice guy who they never imagined could have done such a thing.  

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