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A fresh journey starts with every new day. Today’s quest fortunately led you here – right to the doors of Canada’s most comprehensive online casino reviews aggregator. Canada Casino Guru was built by veteran high rollers, ready to pass the torch to the next generation of winners. Therefore, while we enjoy playing, we strongly believe online gambling is no game.

We’ve bit the proverbial bullet, so you don’t have to taste the bitterness of shady wagering requirements, terms of use, or especially bonuses. Every casino review is subject to stringent scrutiny and we only advertise what we, in turn, would play at.

How does Canada Casino Guru work?

A team of seasoned gambling professionals are constantly scouting the internet for online casinos – either already well established or just popping up. Next, we pull out the magnifying glass and take a look at “latest catch” from every angle. Name has no influence on our final verdict since features speak louder than marketing.

Numbers talk!

This is as true at Canada Casino Guru as anywhere else, especially given the fact that online casinos deal a lot in Volatility, RTP and RNG – all mathematical aspects of everyday play for both novice players and longstanding high rollers. We take a look at those numbers and other bits of data to let you know just how fairly a given online casino treats its players. 

We advocate good reputation through quality.

We have friends in many places, but this is OUR turf, OUR rules and also OUR money at stake. As we’ve said in the beginning, our list is composed of online casinos we’d play at – first and foremost. If the overall experience is not satisfactory enough, we won’t even mention it around here. Canada Casino Guru speaks facts and solid information only and advocates for safe and responsible gambling at all times.